Today marks day 9 of my first 10 day water fast venture. I’m beginning to think I would have made for an amazing warrior… If I had been born in a different time, of course. What is it about those of us who would rather eat someone else’s chewed gum than admit defeat? I assure you it is not always the smart route. I recently read a book by Angela Duckworth, titled: Grit. She dives right into the meat of this subject. Good read should you ever want to learn more or figure out how to find your own.

I have no doubts that grit is quite a determining factor. We compete with ourselves, the people around us, the world… We dig deep with a will to win. In fact, I expect no less of myself. That part might teeter a bit on crazy, but it keeps me pushing past obstacles. It has nothing to do with your education level, IQ, or want to succeed. It has everything to do with your drive, focus, self-disciple, and perseverance. I don’t recall ever being “the best” at much, but I give myself credit for having the grit to keep going regardless. To me, it came naturally. I have a competitive personality… and a brother who was up to challenge. We both have a strong desire to master skills. I think it has been cultivated along with our natural traits. I should give some credit to life’s hard knocks, too. Those will often teach perseverance. I’m learning to be grateful for those kind of childhood scars; I spent many years being bitter. However, I will say, spite can be one heck of a motivator… Ha! It’s true. Though, I am not endorsing such. Happiness is the way to go.

So, are we comfort zone pushers crazy? Nah… We just know there’s more within us and refuse not to achieve it. The growth I have discovered within myself over the past year and half is reason enough to share my journey. Dig deep. Find your inner warrior. Go for it… Whatever your IT is. Don’t put taking chances off because of fear and complacency. Being comfortable is easy. Being complacent is lazy. A well lived life shouldn’t be either. You are welcome to call those of us who push limits the real life Goonies… We never say die.

Until next time… xo

‘Ish, Accordingly


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